What were your previous preconceptions about personal training or personal trainers in general? Did you have any fears or previous beliefs?

Previously I had the image of steroid popping beefcakes shouting at me in an army like manner; potentially reducing me to tears during my first session. Either that or a shockingly stick thin woman who would make me feel hideous for not using only organic raw produce and meditating every waking hour!  I feared that I would walk into the studio and each trainer would immediately think “she should have got to the gym 2 years ago'” and quizzed me intently why I have let myself go so much. I believed that having a personal trainer would be seen as showing defeat and weakness, and that you are not strong enough to lose weight just like everyone else you know has.

Has training with The Performance Project changed your mind about personal training, resistance training or nutrition?

Training with The Performance Project, even in such a short space of time, has completely blindsided me. I am shocked at not only how friendly everyone is and very much unlike the stereotype I described, and also how every tiny goal reached is celebrated. I am surprised how resistance training has made such a big impact on my body in a short space of time, as I always thought the longer you ran on a treadmill for, the more weight you would lose. This is most definitely not that case! Hayley has completely changed the way I think about food; being a vegetarian I used to pack my meals full of cheese, thinking that this was the way I could get protein in my diet. She has taken a lot of time to research non meat/fish protein sources and supported me throughout my food adaption. I was always bombarded with well-wishers who gave advice like “never eat bread”, “don’t ever eat chocolate” and “only eat the portion size you would feed a child, your body doesn’t need anymore”. Now I laugh when I hear these comments; with Hayley’s help I am very confident that I eat a nutritionally balanced diet, without depriving myself of treats when I want them, and listening to what my body needs to maintain my energy levels throughout the day.   I truly believe that getting the right balance of nutrition and exercise is the key to feeling confident and looking fantastic.

What results or accomplishments have you made working with The Performance Project?

So far in my short journey with The Performance Project I have seen great results; key areas that I was unhappy with (such as arm fat, the second chin I just couldn’t shift and left over baby weight) are starting to go! Okay I have a way to go still until I have the confidence to walk down the beach in a bikini, but working with Hayley has given me so much confidence to sweat at the gym, eat a balanced diet and be proud that I am making big changes to my body. I have lost 2.2 lbs each week so far, not to mention inches off my waist and thighs (and good progress in other areas), but the best feeling is when friends and family comment that all my hard work can be seen already. Not to mention buying new gym gear in one size smaller 🙂

 What have you learnt since working with The Performance Project?

I have learnt so much that I can’t write all of it down! Nutrition is most certainly the greatest – I have a key understanding of balanced meals, what to eat to utilise the training I am doing, and how to listen to what my body needs to stay energised. I have learnt that I have a very competitive person and that when Hayley asks me to do 10 reps I will always push myself to do 12, just because I love the feeling of accomplishment.  Without a doubt I have learned that fat loss is achievable, when you have the right mindset, knowledge and support behind you. You are not weak for having gained weight, you just need the right support to lose it.